Structured Attorneys Fees

Many attorneys structure their fees from a case with a structured settlement annuity as part of their financial and tax planning strategy. Structured attorney fees are an excellent asset and provide reliable cash flow for both short and long term needs. Once they are in place, as with all structured settlements, they cannot be changed or altered. However, they can be sold, in whole or in part, which makes them a very useful asset that attorneys can use to fund litigation, taxes or other planned or unplanned expense, for both business and personal needs.

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Customized Solutions For Selling Structured Attorneys Fees

Selling a portion or all of a structured attorney fee are usually a lot less expensive than an attorney loan because interest rates and legal fees are a lot lower for our transactions than for typical attorney loans. Our solutions are also a lot less stressful, allowing you to focus on your cases and not on loan servicing and repayment. There is no time pressure to repay a loan, and no reporting needed on activity and collateral of case values. We customize our transactions so that attorneys can choose which payments to sell to balance the funds you want now and the payments you want to retain in the future.

If the current pandemic has you rethinking your financial strategies, your structured fees may provide you some options you may not have considered. Please call us today to discuss the options available to you. As in any transaction that involves your assets and income, we recommend you also talk to your tax advisor.

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“Strategic Capital is the preferred structured settlement transfer purchaser and attorney fee purchaser of NATLE only because we’ve found them to be the one company that takes into consideration what the client needs and doesn’t prioritize profits. “

Jennifer Smith, MBA
NATLE Executive Director

“Strategic Capital is an annuity purchase organization that operates in a principled fashion and treats clients compassionately and fairly.”

Paul Kelley
KJA President

“Strategic Capital is an annuity purchase origination that operates in a principled fashion and that is open to feedback. That is why CAOC recommends Strategic Capital if a structure needs to be sold.”

Greg Rizio
CAOC President

“Strategic Capital Corporation purchases structured settlement payments. Unlike other firms in the industry, they are known for treating, with care and fairness, those with severe financial challenges arising after their case has settled.

Patricia M. Giordano, Esq.
NJAJ President

“If clients do need to sell some of their structure, Strategic Capital has satisfied us that they will help your clients, not take advantage of them.”

Matt Hardin
TTLA President

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