A. Customer service, the buyer’s attentiveness to a person’s individual needs, the estimated timing from signing of the contracts to the funding of the purchase agreement.

B. A relationship based on complete honesty and full disclosure from both parties to the transaction. All direct questions asked by a seller should be answered with specific details, and every seller must be prepared to be completely honest and forthcoming with a potential buyer and disclose as much detail as possible in the initial application process including but not limited to any and all prior transactions (attempted, denied, withdrawn, completed), any possible existing liens, past due taxes, child support, alimony, bankruptcies, foreclosures, etc… Otherwise issues at time of court approval and/or funding will arise causing either a potential significant delay and/or denial of the proposed sale.

C. That the tax free status of the original payment stream will continue to flow through to the funds received from the sale and the seller will not be subject to income taxes on the amounts received from the sale.