Don’t sell your structured insurance settlements unless you pass our quiz and have this checklist handy for reference!

Before you sell structured insurance settlements test your knowledge and see if you mastered structured settlement 101 by taking the following brief quiz about selling your structured settlement for cash now:

Click on the answers and test your knowledge:

If your structured settlement payments are tax free and you sell for a lump sum, do you have to pay taxes on that lump sum?

Yes, I will have to pay taxes if I sell.


No, I will not have to pay taxes if I sell.

Do you have to sell all of your remaining structured insurance settlements payments or can you sell just some of them?

Yes, I have to sell all payments.


No, I can sell just some payments.

If you sold some payments in the past can you sell more payments now?

No, you can only sell payments once.


Yes, I can sell more payments.

How many quotes should you get before you decide who to sell your payments to?






The structured settlement discount rates are the only important factor when deciding who to sell payments to, right?




Is it true that if a judge approves your sale then you know it was a good deal and you made the right choice?

Yes, the judge knows best.


No, the judge is just one voice.

Which structured insurance settlements payments should I sell, the payments nearer or those further into the future?


The nearer payments


the further payments


it depends on many factors

You got all of the above answers about structured insurance settlements correct


You are knowledgeable about selling your settlement, understand the benefits of structured settlements vs lump sum, and probably ready to make a good decision.

If you got more than one answer wrong you may want to read this guide again, just to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the sale process.

Checklist for Selling Structured Insurance Settlements


  1. Find and keep handy original structured settlement agreement.

  2. Begin a notebook or computer file to record notes during the sale process.

  3. Conduct structured settlement companies reviews, then get quotes from 3 companies:
  4. Consult a financial advisor or lawyer, or at least talk to a family member.

  5. Negotiate best quote.
  6. Accept quote, in writing or verbally, as required by company. Write down every conversation that I have with every person from the company.
  7. Submit any required documentation.
  8. Create a budget to make ends meet without payments that I sold.
  9. Check with purchaser and asked if there is anything else that I need to do.
  10. Keep in contact with purchaser at least once every week.
  11. Attend court date.
  12. Continue to keep in contact with purchaser until check is received.
  13. After receiving check, do what I intended to do with the money.
  14. Invest any leftover money appropriately.

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There are a few things in life so important that you should really educate yourself before embarking on them… having children, getting a pet, buying a house and selling a structured settlement are among them. You can never learn too much. Keep on reading, or call Strategic Capital, to ensure that you know all that you need to know in order to make the best decision for you and your family.