November 20, 2015 – Strategic Capital Corporation Comments on Structured Settlement Transfer Rules From Maryland Court of Appeals

Strategic Capital Corporation, one of North America’s leading, independent structured settlement purchasers, today commented on the Maryland Court of Appeals’ final rules concerning structured settlement reform. The new rules arose from recent scrutiny of the predatory treatment of victims of lead paint poisoning by certain structured settlement purchasers.


Here’s what they’re saying about us

2012 – Letter from Niall P. McCarthy, 2012 President of Consumers Attorney of California (CAOC)

In a recent letter from Niall P. McCarthy he says that Strategic Capital has been thoroughly vetted by the board of CAOC and found to operate with integrity.”

2012 – Letter from J.T. Gilbert, past President of Kentucky Justice Association(KJA)

The Immediate Past President of Kentucky Justice Association, J.T. Gilbert, has written a letter to member attorneys regarding its position on selling structured settlements.

2012 – Letter from David B. Walls, Executive Director of Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ)

The Executive Director of the Maryland Association for Justice, Inc., David B. Walls, has written a letter to member attorneys regarding selling structured settlements.

2012 – Letter from Maureen Raiche Manning. Esq., 2012 President of New Hampshire Association Justice (NHAJ)

Strategic Capital Corporation, a leading structured settlement buyer, has been recognized by the New Hampshire Association of Justice (NHAJ).

The NHAJ has called the company a “business friend” and cited its reputable business practices in a recent letter to its members.”

2009 – Letter from Richard M. Shapiro, President of the Florida Justice of Association

“In recent conversations with Chris Searcy, he told me that any of his clients who need to sell their structured settlement payments will be sent exclusively to Strategic Capital.”

“We need your help getting the message out to your associates, to your colleagues, and directly to your clients if they need to sell their payments, there is a place to go where they will be treated fairly.