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Sell Lottery Payments

When you sell your lottery payments, it costs you money. While you get the cash you need now, it isn’t as much as you’d have in total if you had received all the payments. That difference is the price you pay for having access to money now. But what about your plans and hopes in the here and now ?

Maybe you’d be willing to pay a certain price to be able to take advantage of today’s opportunities.

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Time Value of Money – What Does That Mean?

It’s the idea that having a dollar today is worth more than having a dollar in the future. That’s because the dollar you have today can buy something today or earn interest while the dollar you don’t have can’t be spent or earn interest until you get it in the future.

Let’s say you have a choice between a promise to receive
$1,000 in 10 years or to take $1,000 today –
wouldn’t you definitely choose the $1,000 now?

If you spend it now it will buy more than the same $1,000 in 10 years because inflation makes things cost more.

If you invest it, you’ll have the earnings during the next 10 years you’d be waiting.

Another way of looking at it is how much would you pay someone today for them to give you $10,000 in 10 years? You wouldn’t pay them the whole $10,000 today would you? You’d pay less than that because tying up your money for ten years means you can’t use it or invest it.

That’s the idea of the value of money over time. Having it in your hand now is worth more than the promise of having it in the future. The exact difference in how much more it’s worth today depends on how long you’d have to wait, what you can do with the money now and the interest rates used to calculate the investment.

That’s the idea of the value of money over time. Having it in your hand now is worth more than the promise of having it in the future.

What Does It Mean To Me?

If you’re going to receive money in the future from a structured settlement, lottery winning or annuity, having that money to use now may be more valuable to you than waiting to get it in the future. If you’re wondering what your future money is worth today, speak with our consultants for expert care and attention at 1-866-256-0088, or fill out the quote form on this page.

We do not give tax advice and you must not rely on what we say below because it is only our opinion however we think you should be aware of the following and discuss it with your own tax advisor.

When you sell your lottery prize payments, we, and every other buyer, will check your credit records to see if you owe any money for federal or state taxes, or for child support, or for any other debt that may affect your right to your lottery prize payments.

When you sell any of your lottery prize payments, the sale price is also taxable.

If there is a tax lien filed against you or if you are in arrears of your child support obligations, then at closing, when you get the lump sum of cash for your lottery prize payments, the buyer will have to pay off the money you owe. This is not something that can be avoided, because the buyer wants to know that the payments you have sold are free and clear of any liens or claims.

Therefore, you must be aware that when you sell any lottery prize payments, any tax liens and any child support arrears will be deducted by us from the purchase price to you, and you should consult with your financial advisor to make sure you know your obligations when you are planning what to do with your lump sum.

When you won your lottery prize, you know that every payment has a certain amount of federal and possibly state and municipal taxes deducted by the Lottery. That is because your lottery prize and your lottery prize payments are taxable.

There are some debts that do not impact your lottery prize payments, and we will be able to tell you which ones do and which ones don’t.

That doesn’t mean that you will have to pay all the tax in cash. You may have tax losses that you can deduct from your taxes due. Or you may have already paid all your taxes for a specific tax year and so you won’t need to pay any more taxes.

However, taxes are an important consideration when you sell your lottery prize payments, and you should consult with your tax advisor to understand what your tax obligation will be once you sell your lottery prize payments.

If you’ve won the lottery, your prize money may come in payments over time – maybe as long as 30 years. That’s called an annuity payout instead of being paid all at once. If you need some of that money now, you can sell payments for cash today.

We’ve been purchasing lottery winnings since 1994 and we’ll make sure you’re able to use that future money for today’s need or opportunity.

While it’s different in each state, we follow the regulations exactly to make the process as quick and easy as possible for you. We’ll talk with you to understand your current needs to help you find alternatives if possible and then let you make your decision in peace.

You can sell some of your payments or all of them if you want. Once you’ve decided to sell your payments, we‘ll handle the paperwork and other details. Then when it‘s all approved we’ll send your money fast!

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