Get the most out of your structured settlement payments

Annuitants may choose to sell some or all of their structured settlements payments in order to deal with life’s changes and to take actions that appear to be in their best interest.
Here are stories from some of our annuitants who decided to sell their structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash:
In 2000, Michael’s hand was destroyed in an industrial accident. Michael lost 3 of his fingers and most of the mobility of his hand. In 2001, he was awarded structured settlement lump sum payments to be paid out periodically to him for the next 14 years to compensate him for the injury to his hand and to supplement his income because he was no longer able to work at his regular job. After 18 years of marriage, Michael and his wife decided to get divorced. Michael and is wife agreed to split their assets, including a house which they had purchased together years ago. Because of the amount of debt Michael and his wife had accumulated together, Michael was not going to receive enough money from the sale of their house to enter this new stage of his life. This newly single father of two teenage children decided to sell his structured settlement payments for a large lump sum of cash and use that money to pay off his debts and to purchase a new house in a good community with good schools.
In 2001, Melissa’s sister was shot in front of her during a store robbery. Melissa was unable to cope with the grief and the loss of her sister and had to be placed in a psychiatric facility for many months to treat her severe depression and suicidal tendencies. In 2003, she was awarded structured settlement payments to be paid out periodically to her for the next 17 years. Although the structured settlement was hardly compensation for the loss of her sister, the payments meant that she did not have to deal with financial stress in addition to her emotional anguish. A number of years later, Melissa became the mother of a baby girl. Her goals and her entire approach to life had changed the moment she became a mother. She decided to go back to school and train to become a Nursing Assistant; she decided to purchase a new vehicle as well as a new house for her and her child to live in it. So Melissa contacted Strategic Capital and sold a portion of her structured settlement payments in order to achieve her goals.
Melissa, Michael and many other clients we have worked with in the past have sold their structured settlement payments to help them get set up for the beginning of the rest of their lives.
Our clients needed the stability and security of the structured settlement payments when they were emotionally and physically weakened. Many years later they had made significant progress in their recovery and used their structured settlement payments to help re-establish a positive direction in their lives. One could say that they were making the most of their structured settlements, both at the time of the injury as well as years later, once they regained their strength and moved on to a new phase of their lives.

Published : October 1, 2010

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