Changing Lives with a Structured Settlement Annuity Payments Buyout

With a structured settlement annuity payments buyout you can change your life. Strategic Capital has many client who have overcome the financial obstacles in their lives wisely and productively, by being careful in how they chose to structured settlement annuity payments buyout options.
Alex Lost His Dad

Alex was only 10 years old when his father was killed in a car accident. Alex and his sick mother were left devastated by the sudden death of his father. Alex had no choice but to grow up quickly. He developed into a mature adult almost overnight and as soon as he was able to, he had to take over his father’s responsibilities such as taking care of his sick mother and becoming his family’s breadwinner.
It took three years but, in 2000, Alex was awarded three sets of structured settlement payments as a result of the accident that took his father. The first award was a series of structured settlement lump sum payments to be paid out periodically to him for the next 32 years; the others were two monthly payment streams, one guaranteed for five years and the other one for life, but guaranteed for a minimum of 45 years. Although the structured settlements were a minor compensation for the loss of his father, the payments meant that Alex could pay for the many surgeries that his mother needed and could support himself, to some extent.
In 2008, Alex’s mother lost her job due to health problems; to make it worse, she had to undergo surgery. With only one source of income (the monthly structured settlement payment stream) to help his family pay their bills, Alex decided to sell a portion of his structured settlement lump sum to catch up on the mortgage payments and cover some of the cost of his mother’s medical bills. Alex sold just a portion of his payments.
A year later, in 2009, Alex’s mother needed another essential surgery. With unpaid bills and the household’s mortgage payments piling up again, Alex had nowhere to turn. Luckily, Alex could do another structured settlement annuity payments buyout since he still owned structured settlement payments which he could sell again in order to catch up with their bills.
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Strategic is There

Alex, and many other clients we have worked with in the past, have been using their structured settlement payments only when they are needed the most and as a last resort. The option to use a structured settlement annuity payments buyout, selling only what you need, allows you to guarantee your future security while meeting current needs.
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Published : May 6, 2013

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