Strategic Capital, Buyer of Structured Settlements – an Account of a Real Client

As a buyer of structured settlements, Strategic Capital works to meet the needs of our clients. Every day we have the honor of working with people who are trying to get their lives back on track and their financial situations in order. Often, this involves our buying their structured settlement payments, in full or in part. Though, at other times serving the customer well means simply providing suggestions on better ways that these people can make financial ends meet.
In our efforts as a buyer of structured settlements, we recently helped one of our annuitants with an advance on her structured settlement purchase. Micheal (pronounced “Michelle”) was gracious enough to provide us with a very heartfelt testimony of us as her buyer of structured settlements, which we would like to share with you. In her own words, Micheal wrote:

“In November 2010, I gave birth to a beautiful, preterm baby girl. Due to a heart condition, my pregnancy was high risk, requiring me to go to specialists. A few weeks after having her, we found out that our insurance company wouldn’t cover the charges due to us being “out of network.” The doctor and hospital bills were outrageous and compounding! So, I turned to Strategic Capital to help me.

From day one, they were professional, helpful, informative and quick! While waiting for my court date, I had an unfortunate event happen; my daughter became very sick and had to be hospitalized. In order for her to come home, she had to be on an antibiotic that our insurance wouldn’t cover. It was so expensive that my husband and I couldn’t afford it. Again, I turned to Strategic Capital. And again, they were understanding, empathetic, polite and quick! They were able to advance me and transfer the funds to me the very next day; my daughter was able to come home to fully recover.

This is not my first transaction with them! Each time they have impressed me by not only sticking to their word, beating all other quotes I have ever received (I did my homework) and being quick and efficient, but they also checked in with me regularly to see if I had any questions, and were sincere throughout the entire process! I’d like to give a special and heartfelt “Thanks” to Ric Perez and the Strategic Capital Team! You guys are truly the Best in the Business! ” – Micheal (Michelle).

As an honest, caring buyer of structured settlements, this is just one satisfied success story among thousands. At Strategic Capital, we have a mission to grow our business by serving people well. At Strategic Capital we work with you to decide if selling your settlement makes the best financial sense given your individual situation. We also purchase the smallest number of payments that will meet your lump sum cash needs. When you work with Strategic Capital you can be certain that you are working with a caring, professional buyer of structured settlements and that you will be treated with honesty and respect from that initial phone consultation through the receipt of your lump sum check. At Strategic Capital we are not just a buyer of structured settlements – we put your needs first.

Published : April 25, 2013

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