When You Need Cash for Your Structured Settlements Strategic Capital Offers Service Above and Beyond Our Competitors, Our Clients Say

When you need cash for your structured settlements know that Strategic Capital doesn’t just buy structured settlement payments – we change lives. At least that is what our clients who need cash for your structured settlements tell us. We recently worked with a woman and her sons who had suffered the loss of their husband and father. While they were fortunate enough to be left financially secure, Mom is, naturally, very protective of her children. After her husband’s passing, she found herself talking to our competitors:

“There were so many other companies I talked with and none of them made me feel like I could trust them.” She said. Fortunately, she found her way to Strategic Capital. This worried mother found her direct client contact Ric Perez and the entire Strategic Capital client service team ready to help, even on Mother’s Day.

Client Service above and Beyond

Speaking of Ric Perez, this woman wrote:

“He has gone above and beyond to help us; he took time out to make sure all the paperwork was in order. If he had to explain something to us 3 or 4 times, he did – so we understood. Even this past Mother’s Day weekend, he emailed me … to let me know the status of the wire!”

All’s Well that Ends with Strategic Capital

We could tell you more about how pleased our client was with Ric’s care and how she was treated but we will let her tell you instead; here are her own words:


“I have never met a more professional, courteous and hard working man (who) is an asset to your company. I will recommend Ric and the company to my friends and family members.”

That’s strong praise, but it’s what we hear from our clients regularly.

We take our service to our clients very seriously and we feel really good when we’re able to help a family like this. At Strategic Capital, we are all committed to helping each and every one of our clients achieve their current financial objectives while, at the same time, making sure they are thinking about the future by leaving as much of the structured settlement in place as possible.

The Strategic Capital Difference

At Strategic Capital we do things differently when you need cash for your structured settlements. With Strategic, clients are not just numbers – we care about the person. Even our senior management is accessible to every client! At Strategic Capital we are proactive, giving our clients the information that they need before they even have to ask for it. And when clients do have questions, our knowledgeable staff has the answers! When you want cash for your structured settlements call Strategic!

Here for the Long Haul

We’ve done business this way for years and aren’t changing now. You can find out more about our quality and client focus, and learn how you can get cash for your structured settlements, by sending a note to info@strategiccapital.com or calling toll free:

Ric Perez is our Vice-President who oversees clients in the west and Cam Mears is our Vice President who oversees clients in the east. Ric can be reached directly at ric.perez@strategiccapital.com or
1-866-821-6108 and Cam can be reached directly at cam.mears@strategiccapital.com or
1-866-241-6111. Feel free to call them anytime to find out more about how we help our clients.

Published : September 19, 2012

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