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Often, structured annuity settlements sales are not the best financial choice. In fact, for the most part, the Kentucky Justice Association (KJA), along with many other legal associations, recommends against structured annuity settlements sales by clients who are seeking cash now. Yet, increasingly these organizations are recognizing the selling of structured settlements that sometimes clients really want or need to sell their settlement payments, and it makes sense for caring professionals to refer them somewhere that can help them manage their finances.
KJA Recognizes that Life Changes
In the message below, J.T. Gilbert, of KJA, tells his staff and associates to recommend Strategic Capital to clients who are considering structured annuity settlements sales. You can read the full letter here:
Dear KJA colleague,

As a general rule, KJA recommends against the selling of structured settlements. However there are times when unforeseen changes in a client’s financial situation make it necessary to sell structured settlement payments, or when a client will not be deterred from selling payments. When that happens, KJA suggests that is members contact Strategic Capital.
KJA recognizes that if you don’t provide advice to your clients when they call about selling structured settlement payments, they run the risk of being pressured into selling all their payments at a high discount rate and a lowball price.
KJA believes that Strategic Capital provides a responsible resource for attorneys and their clients. Here are the main reasons why:

  1. Strategic Capital works on referrals from attorneys, structured settlement brokers and financial advisors. They help clients, and do not encourage them to sell their payments for “cash now”.
  2. Strategic Capital does not advertise on TV.
  3. Strategic Capital is able to buy only part of the structure and leave the client with the rest.
  4. Strategic Capital has an upper limit on the rates they charge annuitants which is significantly lower than the typical credit card rate we see.
  5. Strategic Capital works with clients to understand their situations, to see if there are any other ways to raise funds and to be sure someone doesn’t lose the roof over their head for the sake of the truck or a vacation.


Strategic Capital is an annuity purchase organization that operates in a principled fashion and treats clients compassionately and fairly.

The next time a client has a changed circumstance and calls to ask about accessing cash from a structured settlement, tell your receptionist, your paralegals, your associates and your partners that KJA chooses Strategic Capital.
For more information, please contact Cam Mears at
(866) 241-6111 or by email at .
You can also learn more about Strategic Capital at
Yours truly, J.T. Gilbert
Making a Difference
Sometimes life changes and people realize that the structured settlement doesn’t meet their needs any longer. The KJA recognizes this, and advises its members to recommend Strategic Capital to clients who need structured annuity settlements sales, so that they can be certain that clients are receiving ethical assistance.
KJA believes that Strategic Capital provides a responsible resource for attorneys and their clients. Thus, by referring clients who require structured annuity settlements  sales to Strategic Capital, you can be certain that your clients will not be pressured to do anything except to make the right decision.

Published : May 6, 2013

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