Sell Future Payments for Cash, but Get the Facts Here, First

Sell Future Payments for Cash, but Get the Facts Here, First

Want to sell future payments for cash today? This could be your ticket to a better today, but will it impact your tomorrow? When structured settlements are first put in place, the annuitant’s wellbeing is a prime concern. That’s one of the main benefits of a structure that we wholeheartedly agree with: it’s a long term solution. But sometimes people later want to sell future payments for cash. Why?

Well, what happens when people’s lives change? With the troubles in the economy people are now finding themselves with mortgages to refinance, medical bills mounting with no insurance to pay them, and educational expenses to help them and their kids into a better future.

This leaves many people wondering if they can sell their structured settlements, and it leaves them with other questions as well. So, here is a brief list of some of our most frequently asked questions by clients:
Can I Take Money Out of my Structured Settlement Account?
If you have a structured settlement you do not have an “account” to draw from. Your money has been invested with an insurance company and you will receive set payments for the predetermined duration. There is no way to withdraw any money. However, you can sell some or all of your future payments for cash to a company such as Strategic Capital.
Can I Take a Loan on my Structured Settlement Future Payments?
Strategic Capital does not give out loans on settlement payments, but we do buy payments from you.
How Fast Can I Get My Money?

As with many things in life, every situation is different. When you sell your future payments for cash you will usually get your money within 60 days, but this varies depending on your city and state, and your specific situation. Strategic Capital has completed sales in as few as 18 days!
Will I be Charged any Fees?

While some companies may charge you a bunch of fees, with Strategic Capital you never have any fees. You never pay a penny out of pocket, or see a single fee listed in our paperwork. We absorb all costs so that you know exactly how much money you are getting and that never changes.
Why Choose Strategic Capital? Aren’t all Factoring Companies the Same?

When you sell your future payments for cash you need to know that all structured settlement factoring companies are not created equal.

There are many companies out there who want to buy your payments at all costs; the factoring market can be a dangerous place for people with no guidance.

They may be lured in with tacky television ads and then treated with high pressure and low respect while being given “lowball” offers for their payments. Who’s looking after their best interests then?
We don’t believe in that way of doing business. At Strategic Capital we look out for our client. We take the time to understand what they need now and in the future. We suggest other sources of funds to avoid selling payments. And, above all, we treat our clients fairly and with compassion while offering a fair deal so that they end up with the most money.
Because we don’t advertise on television, our clients are referred to us by legal and financial professionals. We are proud that our professional colleagues trust us to treat their clients well.
If you’d like to know more about how we treat clients and our referral process, drop us note at or call toll free: