Settlements Can Be Helpful, but Sometimes You Need Quick Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

If you want quick cash for structured settlement payments you have come to the right place. But first you need to know that structured settlements are a way of providing financial support to a person, even a family, who needs time to heal and get back on their feet. But, as you probably know, sometimes things happen and a large amount of cash is needed to manage life events.
Every year, thousands of Americans sell their structured settlements, and make other types of financial decisions in order to raise money to meet urgent financial obligations, to pay off debts, or to cover the cost of medical emergencies. You can get quick cash for structured settlement payments if life has changed.

If you are considering quick cash for structured settlement payments, or you have clients in need, consider the experiences of some of our clients. Here are few stories from Strategic Capital clients who had no choice but to sell their structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash in order to keep up with life’s unexpected events.

Judy’s Fractured Body – and Life

Judy was in a car accident in 1999. As a result, Judy shattered her hip, and suffered skull, knee and collar bone fractures. Judy’s injuries and the time it took to deal with her personal injury claim meant that Judy was unable to work, so she lost her job and could only watch helplessly as the debt started to pile up. It took three years, but in 2002, Judy was finally awarded a structured settlement to be paid out to her for the next 14 years.
In order to achieve financial stability, in 2009, Judy decided to sell some of her structured settlement for a lump sum and use the money to pay off her debts, which had become too stressful for her. Judy knew that there are many types of stability in life; sometimes caring for one’s emotional wellbeing is as necessary as feeding and clothing the body. It seems that even the sale of part of the structured settlement was still doing what the structured settlement was set up to do – give Judy financial and emotional stability.
A High School Stabbing Leaves Bobby Down and Out

Bobby was stabbed in the left eye during a fight when he was a high school student. In 1986, Bobby was awarded a structured settlement to be paid out to him periodically for the next 27 years. In 2009, Bobby’s car broke down; he had a real problem. He could not afford to purchase a new or used car, pay his bills and pay his mortgage payments with the income he was earning. Bobby realized that he could either, walk to work which eventually would result in him losing his job and continue to collect his structured settlement payments for the next 4 years, or he could sell his payments and sort out his financial problems now. Bobby decided to sell his structured settlement in exchange for a lump sum, in order to be able to make a new car purchase and to use the rest of his lump sum of cash to pay off his debts.
Moving Forward
Judy and Bobby found themselves in dire straits and they needed quick cash for structured settlement payments so that they could start fresh and debt free. These were positive steps towards better lives. Share your structured settlement or annuity story with us…

Published : June 8, 2013

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