Structured Settlements Annuities Can be Sold to Help You When Life Happens

You can sell structured settlements annuities to pay for life’s little surprises. While money certainly doesn’t buy happiness, not having money can cause a variety of difficulties in our modern lives. Unexpected events and circumstances, often financial burdens, sometimes require a lump sum of money to be taken care of properly. Here are some reasons why our annuitants have decided to sell their structured settlements annuities to Strategic Capital in return for a lump sum buyout:

  1. Jeff was bitten in the face by a dog and had received 500 stitches to his face when he was only 10 years old. Jeff was awarded a structured settlement for his pain and suffering after the bite in 2003, with payments going on for years. In 2009, Jeff suddenly lost his job. With no income Jeff was adding to his already substantial credit card debt; this high interest rate debt started to spiral out of control. Jeff decided to sell his settlement so that he could get a lump sum of money to train for a new career, supporting himself while he was in school. Strategic Capital helped Jeff through the process so that he could get his money painlessly.
  2. John‘s right foot was crushed at work by a forklift. Damaged beyond repair, John had to go through a transmetatarsal amputation of his foot, leaving him permanently disabled. John’s employer and John worked out a settlement in 2008 which would give John monthly payments for many years to come. However, John soon realized that because of his injury, his goals in life, and his career, had changed – John now needed to go back to trade school. John decided to sell some of his long term structured settlement payments and use the money to support himself while attending trade school, and to pay for tuition, books and fees. Strategic Capital helped John evaluate his situation and decide that selling a portion of his structured settlements annuity payments for a lump sum of cash would better meet his new life goals.
  3. Andrea was in an accident where she was pinned between a city bus and another obstacle. Her pelvis was broken and as a result Andrea had to go through a number of surgeries on her left thigh. In 2003 Andrea was awarded structured settlements payments to be paid out for the next 10 years. However, Andrea’s life got worse when her life partner, and breadwinner, was put into prison; her bills began piling up, Andrea had no choice but to sell her structured settlements for a lump sum in order to catch up with her bills and pay her living expenses.

Every life is different and every situation changes in time. Though a steady stream of payments may have been the best option for a person initially, the curve balls that life throws can change that in an instant. Today’s laws generally allow you to sell your structured settlement payments so that you can get the cash you need to handle the life that you are currently living. When you contact Strategic Capital we discuss your current situation, help you to decide whether selling your structured settlements annuities is a good way of handling your problems, and then work with you through the process, start to finish.

Published : April 22, 2013

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