Wondering Where to Sell Your Future Payments? Listen to the Stories of Strategic Capital’s Satisfied Customers!

When you need to sell your future payments, come to Strategic Capital. At Strategic Capital our mission is to help you make the right decision for you and your family. We are not just in the business of making money, we are in the business of serving people with financial needs so that their lives improve. When you need to sell your future payments, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Strategic Capital.
A Disabled Mother Needed Cash Now

A few months ago, a young mother contacted Strategic Capital to sell some of her structured settlement payments. This disabled mother needed to raise money in order to pay for a deck entrance to her house to make it wheelchair accessible. Strategic Capital processed her legal documents and started the process of obtaining a hearing date and court approval.

At the court hearing, even though the mother is the owner of the payments she was selling, and she was selling the payments for a valid reason, the judge, concerned for the future financial security of the woman’s child, refused to approve the transfer without a second opinion. So, the judge required that a guardian ad litem be appointed to safeguard the interests of her young child; the court was not obligated to pay for this guardian ad litem, and normally the fee would have been the responsibility of the woman. However, Strategic Capital decided to pay for the cost of the guardian ad litem so that the mother would receive enough money from the sale to do what she needed to do.
The Approval is Delayed, but Finally Arrives

After the guardian ad litem reviewed the transaction and spoke to the mother, she agreed that the transaction was in the best interests of both the mother and the child, and recommended that the judge approve the sale of the payments. Such a hearing will be required if you decide to sell your future payments.
At the next court hearing the judge approved the sale of the payments. However, because the transaction and court approval had taken so long, the client had already received some of the payments that she had agreed to sell to us, and the balance that Strategic would have owed was not sufficient for her to build her wheelchair ramp.
Strategic Capital Goes the Extra Mile

The judge, who was honestly concerned for this woman and her child, asked us if we would consider adjusting the price to the mother so that we would pay the same amount that had been originally calculated, even though we would be missing out on receiving a couple of the payments. After looking at the transaction and considering the impact on the client, we agreed to adjust the price for the benefit of the client.
So, not only did we pay for the guardian ad litem, but we also increased the price to adjust for the long delay required by the court!
This was a win, win, win. We were satisfied with the purchase of the payments, the judge was satisfied that the transfer was in the client’s best interest, and the mother was thrilled with the service that she received from us.
When you need to sell your future payments, Strategic Capital is here to help. In fact, we don’t just help you sell your future payments, we help you deal with life’s changes. Please call to speak to our experts should you have any questions

Published : June 9, 2013

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