Attorneys and Clients: Strategic Capital at Your Service

We’re just back from attending the Nevada Justice Association’s (NJA) Annual Convention as a Silver Sponsor. The event was billed as “Law-Law-Palooza” and held at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California. While we (CEO David Meyerowitz and VP Ric Perez) can now vouch for the excellent venue, great weather and good restaurants, the best part was meeting and talking with the attorneys and structured settlement professionals in attendance.
When a Client Needs Help

As we talked with attorneys and other exhibitors, we were able to really explain why and when clients might need different financial solutions post-settlement. One of the things we were also able to discuss was the idea that their clients don’t always call the attorney or structured settlement consultant when they have financial troubles and are thinking about selling payments, so that when the client does call, it’s an opportunity to help.
Trustworthy Guidance

Some of the most fascinating talks we were able to have revolved around what happens when an annuitant or client calls their attorney with a money problem but isn’t able to get help with a practical solution. The trouble there is that the client needs financial help, not advice, so then they’ll still sell their payments but without any help or guidance. We were able to explain our way of doing business, that structured settlements are important and that we understand and respect their value to the client.

We recognize that attorneys and structured settlement professionals work hard to set up a structure for a client that helps them and gives them a financial foundation to count on going forward. But, since none of us can know the future, we’re there to help those clients when their circumstances change.

Here’s what we were able to tell our colleagues:

  • We work on referrals from professionals – no television advertising
  • We can buy only part of a settlement- no pressure to sell the whole structure
  • We make sure that clients consider their future needs, even if they need help right now
  • We help clients – not take advantage of them

Strategic Capital: Integrity at Work

We’re pleased to have been able to attend the NJA conference with a special hat-tip to Neighborhood Restaurant’s awesome hamburgers and our favorite choice from their huge beer selection: Kostritzer Schwarzbier Germany Black Lager. But, what made the trip most worthwhile was being able to meet so many new attendees and forge even stronger relationships with the hard-working attorneys in the field.
If you were at the event and missed our booth or just want to know more about how we can help your clients, send a note to or call toll free:1-866-256-0088 .
Ric Perez is our Vice President who oversees clients in the west and Cam Mears is our Vice President who oversees clients in the east. Ric can be reached directly at or 1-866-821-6108 and Cam can be reached directly at or1-866-241-6111 . Feel free to call them anytime to find out more about how we help our clients.

Published : October 24, 2012

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