Your Clients Can Cash out Structured Settlements – that’s a Good Thing

If your clients want to cash out structured settlements you may want to learn a bit more about the potential benefits. Sure, structured settlements provide significant benefits for plaintiffs, providing for long term care and financial stability. However, some plaintiffs may be opposed to receiving a structured settlement simply on the grounds that they feel it cannot be changed in the future – they do not want to be trapped into payments when a lump sum might better serve their future needs. Fortunately, the ability to cash out structured settlements through structured settlement sales add flexibility to structured settlements, allowing plaintiffs the flexibility to respond to their changing financial situation.
A Common Fear

During the settlement process, the objection is often raised by plaintiffs that a structured settlement is too rigid – that it is set in stone and can’t protect a plaintiff against unanticipated changes in his or her financial situation in the future.  The plaintiff can lose out on the many benefits of a structured settlement because of this fear, or may accept the settlement but be unhappy about it.
Facing the Fear – and Proving it False

By addressing this perceived drawback that structured settlements cannot be changed, the secondary market actually provides a convincing argument in favor of structured settlements.  Plaintiffs now realize that they can enter into a structured settlement with the peace of mind that should things change in their life they have an option available to change how and when they receive their money. In short, they can happily accept a structured settlement knowing that they can cash out structured settlements for a lump sum of cash, should the need arise.
Why Strategic Capital is Better

Unfortunately, the secondary market is known for its TV advertising, its aggressive sales tactics, and its high discount rates. So while there may be benefits to plaintiffs understanding that selling their settlement is an option, these same people may also fall prey to predatory companies looking to cash out structured settlements when there is no real financial need, or when the sale is financially a poor decision.
Strategic Capital provides an alternative to these money hungry companies. We do not advertise on TV or engage in any other predatory advertising practices.  Instead, we rely on referrals from structured settlement consultants and attorneys.

We provide responsible advice to help clients assess their situations and address their needs when life changes.we offer the best value and best service in the industry. But we also, often, suggest that a client not sell their settlement, when we recognize that doing so would serve only to damage their financial situation.

When you refer your clients to Strategic Capital, you know that you are sending them to a helpful, caring, and honest company who wants to help them make the best decision for their personal financial situation, not just cash out structured settlements. Contact Strategic Capital today at and find out why organizations such as the Consumer Attorneys of California and the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives support our business practices and recommend us to their members.

Published : May 3, 2013

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