Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

If you want to refinance structured settlement payments we can help. But first, Strategic Capital wishes a prosperous new year to you and yours! When you refinance structured settlement payments it can feel like a new year no matter what month is showing on the calendar!
The holidays and the New Year are a time of family, friends, and reflection. The Strategic Capital team wants to wish you a happy holiday season, but even more so we want to extend our best wishes for a happy, healthy, financially secure new year. And even if it is not the New Year as you read this, the next 12 months can be a new year in terms of your financial health!
To help you get the most out of the coming year we would like to present some suggestions for securing your financial future and planning to refinance structured settlement payments:

  1. Live in the financial moment. We all hear paper say that we need to plan for the future, but then another person may say that you have to live for today. The truth is, you need to do both. When you live in the financial moment you make sound, financial decisions which meet your current needs while also securing the financial future of you and your family. This means spending within your means, and not taking on debt for trivial wants and putting your future security at stake.
  2. Know your own finances. Too many people believe that ignorance is bliss, preferring to ignore their financial problems in an attempt to avoid stress. Ignorance simply allows financial problems to build, and eventually to blow up even bigger. Instead, know your own finances and stay in touch with your money. When you know where your money is going you can make informed decisions and take decisive action. Do not refinance structured settlement payments lightly.
  3. Put your money to work for you. Invest your money for the future, if possible. Try to save money each week – even just $5 a week will add up! Avoid high interest loans and keep as much of your money in your own checkbook as you can.
  4. Make a resolution. For many, the New Year is a time of resolution, where we set out to be better this year than we were in the past. Make a resolution to yourself, and a commitment to your financial future by vowing to improve the financial mistakes you have made in the past and to get on the right road for the future! Make the resolution, remind yourself of it every day, and stick with it throughout the year.

At Strategic Capital, we believe that the long-term financial security of a structured settlement makes it a most responsible way to handle a legal settlement or award. But no one has a crystal ball, and life sometimes takes unexpected financial turns. Strategic Capital is here to help you, or your clients, handle the unexpected, while respecting the need for long-term financial security.

If you are a lawyer or financial advisor, when your clients call you because they want to refinance structured settlement payments, we hope you will think of Strategic Capital, knowing that we will provide the same excellent service that you have provided your clients.

If you are receiving structured settlement payments yourself and have a new financial need, know that Strategic Capital is here to consult and to help.
Let us help you to help your clients or help yourself.

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